Friday, 11 April 2014

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Who would be the audience for your media product?

After completing my audience research i discovered that the specific audience which were best suited to my genre of magazine (indie/alternative rock) were a group commonly known as the indie scenesters. There are a variety of reasons why this particular social group are best suited to my magazine, firstly, the scenesters enjoy listening to and discovering music from the past, present and future, here a key match can be made between the group and my magazine as this is exactly what REVOLUTION has to offer. Not only does it feature current artists, but ones from the past and ones from the future. The scenesters also enjoy listening to artists which fall into the indie/alternative category, once again, REVOLUTION is the perfect choice for a scenester, as this is the exact style of music which my music magazine features.

A group of Indie Scenesters at Leeds Festival 
The second reason why the scenesters would be well suited to my music magazine is down to their interest in fashion. The scenesters are renowned for wearing interesting, unique clothing which allows them to acquire an extremely individual look which separates them from mainstream fashion, it also allows them to portray their musical tastes and preferences through the power of clothing; this allows them to make clothing statements each time they take to the streets.By analysing each artist which features in my music magazine, it is clear to see that they have a similar taste in clothing to that of the indie scenesters. The artists pictured in my music magazine wear clothing which is not ordinary or mainstream fashion, but is different, unique and makes each individual stand out. The clothing worn by the artists also allows each member to show the world their musical style. This similarity in fashion and a desire to be different is a clear factor as to why the indie scenesters are the perfect audience for my music magazine
The third reason why the indie scenesters would be well suited to my music magazine is once again down to their desire to stand out and be different from any other social group. By reading my magazine, the scenesters would be going against any other social groups (who may read the NME etc) as they would be reading a new, unknown music magazine which has been tailored to fit their exact musical preferences. Also, by reading REVOLUTION, the scenesters would be partaking in an activity which they are known for, this activity is trendsetting. The scensters are renowned for starting off some of the biggest trends in music, as they are a group who are not afraid to be different and are not afraid of what others think. This terrific trendsetting technique may be the key to getting my music magazine to a similar level of popularity as the NME, as if more people were to see interesting, unique people reading an interesting, unique music magazine, they themselves may be more inclined to read it. Having said that, it would not be in mine (the magazine creator) or the featuring artists best wishes for the magazine to become popular with a mainstream audience, however i would want the magazine to become popular with people from the indie scenester social group. 

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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

What does a publishing company do?
A Publishing company enables information available for public viewing. Many publishing companies commonly produce and sells pieces of literature or other important information, such as newspapers and magazines. In many cases, authors may be their own publishers, meaning developers of content can also provide media, which they deliver and display.

Bauer is  Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. Bauer Media is a multi-platform UK-based media Group consisting of many companies collected around two main divisions – Magazines and Radio - widely recognised and rewarded as being industry innovators.

Whilst planning out my music magazine i decided that the publishing group most suited to my magazine and its particular genre was 'Bauer.' By choosing Bauer my magazine would be able to be viewed by both a British audience, as well as global one. This would allow the target audience (indie scensters/hipsters) from other countries and cultures to view and discover new British talent and see what British music has to offer. Although Bauer is a huge global company, it does not publish 'run of the mill' everyday magazines which feature pop/chart music. However, it does in fact publish alternative magazines such as Q and Kerrang, therefore my magazine genre (indie/alternative rock) would be a perfect fit. Also, due to Bauer's popular reputation and successful history, my magazine would become extremely well known and recogniseable by audiences due to its publisher.

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